American Cultural Center is specialized in English teaching. It was born as a response to the present need of the knowledge of this language, both at a personal and professional level. Our center has been in Puerto Sagunto for over 30 years, and the good opinion of our students has been many times our best publicity.

Our teaching team is made up of professional and qualified teachers, both native speakers and specialized in English as a foreign language.

We work with small classes, an average of 9 people, so we can offer each student both a personalized teaching and to meet the needs of each student. We truly care about the uniformity of the groups within each of our classrooms, since we understand you would like to invest your money in the best possible way. Due to this reason, we do not always commit to placing friends together, respecting the schedules of extracurricular activities, etc. Even though, it is a requisite we always try to accomplish, the level of our students within each group is the most important to us.

Our teachers communicate throughout the school year and during regular meetings. In case we believe there is a problem, we will communicate directly with the parents or the students (if they are adults) as soon as possible.

Even though our center is specialized in American English, we also work with other accents. In general, during primary school we focus in American English books and in secondary school we focus in British English books, so our students can take advantage from all the different accents. To achieve this goal, our teachers come from and have studied in different English-speaking countries.

When we teach children and teenagers, we know that the quality of teaching is not only about learning contents and written work. We also focus our teaching in speaking and listening. Due to this reason, we try to create a fun environment using ICT’s, games, videos, and such. Furthermore, we celebrate typical festivities from the English-speaking countries such as: Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick and Easter. The last two days of the school year, we do special activities like: scavenger hunts, costume contests, arts and crafts, theater, and karaoke, etc.

Last but not least, we are an authorized exam preparation center by Cambridge University. However, we also prepare students for any other official exams such as EOI and TOEFL.