American Cultural Center is a specialist in language training adapted to the needs and desires of participants — adapted to the contents, the level, the specific language, the dates and the schedules demanded. Clearly our courses offered throughout the whole year have different formats and can be held in different places.

All language trainers at American Cultural Center are professional and qualified for teaching English as a Foreign Language. All possess experience in this field and have been specially trained for language teaching.

The type of course varies depending on individual needs and is suitable for all levels.

From the first day, we encourage our students to actively participate in all classes (70% student vs 30% teacher) in order to develop all the necessary skills to speak the language fluently. Our method includes the performance of role plays, both in pairs and in small groups, in order to enhance the goals set up at the begging of the course. At the end of each class, an error analysis of the mistakes will be made by the teacher. Finally, both the students and the teacher will make a review/reinforcement in order to evaluate all issues learnt in the class.

Some of the general goals to be achieved by the student are as follows:

  • Get to know the most usual structures of the language, which are necessary to understand and to be understood.
  • Get by in any kind of situation.
  • Get to know the grammar required to develop the speaking and writing skills.
  • To write and compose properly.
  • We don’t hope the student to speak as a native speaker but to speak fluently and be understood by other English speakers.